Our value


A mindset and a working philosophy
that sets us apart.
Specialization and customization of the services we offer:
this is our added value.

We consider each client as a person to dress.

A person with its own characteristics.
And it’s not the person that has
to adapt himself to the dress but vice-versa.
This is our added value: a client,
a highly devoted service, a real optimization
of logistic procedures and shipments.


Managing returns

We manage the entire process of the return of your shipments: return and storage of the goods, reconditioning of clothing, management of the return to the final customer, Outlet and return to consignor.



A service especially devoted to companies who need to reduce the stock in the warehouse.

We offer an outsourcing service marked by a very high level of organization and quality:
collection of goods, dedicated storage, fulfilment of the order by client and country and possible consolidation, delivery to the end user both in Italy and Europe.


Store windows services

We offer to our exclusive clients a devoted service of window dressing for branded shops.

The “window service” is performed by specialized technicians responsible of packing and repacking the goods and the furnishings as well as to collect the material used and the following delivery of the collected goods and materials.

Simple, quick and safe.


Customer Service

A qualified consultant for each single client, always in contact with your company and aware of its characteristics and specifications related to logistics and shipments.

Thanks to our highly specialized staff, continuously trained, you have the assurance of working with a partner ready to answer to any need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



Last but not least, quality is synonymous of security.

Thanks to warehouses provided with alarm systems, selected and controlled access and security guards, the goods of our clients is always safe.

We also guarantee the same safety standards in each moment of the transportation thanks to the use of advanced methods provided with all the best satellite safety technology.


IT Solutions

Together with our clients, we analyze and apply the best Information Technology solutions to continuously monitor your goods and keep it under live control.

A real time service that gives us the possibility to monitor your shipment as well to promptly attend if a problem occurs and identify the best possible solution.